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How to Hack Internet Payment Gateways

how to hack internet payment gateway

How to Hack Internet Payment Gateways

Hackers know this and are constantly searching for weaknesses in these systems, which is why hackers target payment gateways with such intensity. No 100% secure online sales system exists yet there are measures you can take to thwart their attacks; in this article, three potential sales system vulnerabilities that hackers seek to exploit along with measures you can take to mitigate them will be discussed in detail.

With electronic payments overtaking cash transactions, retailers are increasingly under pressure to secure their Point-of-Sale (PoS) systems. High profile breaches like those at Subway in 2014 and more recently of Barnes & Noble credit card readers in 63 stores demonstrate just how easily criminals can break into these vulnerable systems.

Hackers have many methods at their disposal for breaching PoS systems, but one of the most effective and straightforward ones is card skimming. These malicious apps mimic legitimate payment pages by sending data directly from an attacker-controlled server to card readers and card readers and convincing them to accept fraudulent data while also collecting it – this method has proven itself extremely successful even without physical tampering with devices!

One effective means by which a payment gateway can be compromised is through intercepting and forging communication between its website and payment processing system, commonly achieved through exploiting flaws in SSL web security protocol. While using SSL can help mitigate some risks, effective protection from this form of hack requires an integrated security solution incorporating PCI DSS compliance, 3D Secure, SET-secured electronic transactions.

Finaly, payment gateways may be exploited through exploiting their iframe/web redirect mechanism by altering payment pages to capture cardholder’s Cardholder Hiding Domain (CHD). A Foregenix blog post from 2016 detailed an actual instance of this attack taking place; however additional checks implemented by payment gateways can help protect against this threat by restricting how much sensitive data reaches cardholder’s browser once CHD has been captured.

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